Utility Corridor

Multiple Pathways in Place for the Future

Benefits :

  •  Build Telecom Fiber Network alongside Road
  •  Ready to Use and Future Ready for Expansion
  •  No disturbance to traffic in future
  •  Clear and accessible ROW
  •  Lease / Sell Ducts space – Revenue Stream

What is Multiple Ductisation?

Burying parallel (4,8,10 nos. or even more) 1 KM long Permanently Lubricated HDPE Telecom ducts

  •  in soil trenches at 1.5/1.65 meter depth or
  •  in concrete at 0.35 meter depth

 Burying several numbers of 120mm Ducts

To provide pathways for future installation of Optic Fiber Cable by different network users.

Dura-Line's Offering:

  • Assist in designing Utility Corridor
  • Customized Offerings of HDPE Telecom Ducts and Ducts for Power Cables including provisions for future expansions
  • Supply of above Ducts along with Accessories
  • Assist in installation of the above utility Corridor during execution
  • Installation of Optic Fiber Cable and Power Cable