Training Academy

Duraline-Plumettaz Academy for telecom

Duraline-Plumettaz Academy has been established inside the Goa plant with the objective of imparting training on the best world-wide practices and advanced techniques of Fiber Network roll out.

The mission of the Academy is to improve the quality versatility and life of fiber optic networks through the promotion and implementation of most advanced techniques of telecom duct and cable installation in the field. The academy offers various customized training programs covering field practices for duct laying, duct integrity testing, cable jetting, micro technology, and basic knowledge of fiber optics with hands-on exposure to splicing machine, OTDR, joint closures, and termination boxes etc.

Pipes Learning Center for fluid

Dura-Line Pipes Learning Center has been established with the purpose of sharing knowledge and learning related to polyethylene piping systems and fluid pipeline installations. Towards this objective the Learning Centre conducts training programs and publishes a periodical newsletter for personnel from corporates, municipalities, PWDs (public works departments), industrial plants, mining companies, consultants and contractors.