SEZ's Large Industrial Projects

Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

Dura-line offers Conceptualization, Designing and Implementation of complete Telecom, Water & Electrical networks for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and large industrial Projects.

Telecom Network

  • Backbone Telecom network in the project and associated townships
  • In-Building Telecom networks for CATV, DBS, mobile communications, computerized CCTV, Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Management, Command and Control Systems and Tele-Management Systems.

Suggested Products:

TornadoPlus Duct, Dura-GuardTM, Flat or round FuturePathTM, MicroDucts

Electrical Network


  • Designing of Electrical ducting for street lighting: Dura-Line’s product offers easy-to-maintain, upgradeable street lighting network
  • Protective Casing duct for HV and LV Power Cable distribution
  • In-building Electrical conduits: Dura-Line’s products are well suited in ‘In-building’ application for:
    • Concrete/Slab
    • Within Walls
    • False Ceiling
    • External/Surface mounted application
    • Riser/Raceway

Suggested Products:

Dura•bend, TornadoPlus Duct

Dura-Line can also take up Annual Operation and Maintenance contracts for such projects