Service Offerings

One-stop solution for optic fiber network rollouts

Dura-Line offers several value added services for efficient roll-out of the Optic Fiber network. Dura-Line's cost-effective solutions focus on clients' needs and ensure consistent network rollouts in a lower turnaround time.

Dura-Line Services Offerings:

Fiber Network Managed Services (FNMS) - OSP Turnkey

Dura-Line FNMS consists of the following:

  • Duct Laying
  • Duct Integrity Testing
  • Blowing (Supervision)
  • Chamber Installation
  • Route Marker Installations
  • Clamping on Bridges/Culvert
  • Maintaining all records related to project and generating daily progress reports
  • Measurement of completed works & recording on Measurement Sheets (MB)
  • Material Reconciliation & Consumption Report
  • As Built Drawing (ABD) Verification
  • Verification of OFC Link testing reports
  • Verification of Earthing
  • Route Sign Off

Dura-Line, along with its global partners, offers the most extensive range of high quality products including ducts and accessories, Optic Fiber cables, joint closures, terminations, manholes and much more.

Project Management Services

Dura-Line's on-site Project Management Services considerably improve project execution and quality, even when local contractors are engaged for the Optic Fiber project execution.

Dura-Line's experienced supervisors will ensure that ducts are laid out correctly, at proper depth with coupling, Optic Fiber is installed as per specifications and backfilling/ restoration is done adequately. For a consistent check, Dura-Line provides one qualified engineer at every link of approximately 75 kms.

Technical Audit and Acceptance Testing Services

Dura-Line helps in assessing laid Optic Fiber network quality by carrying out Technical Audit and Acceptance Testing (including Depth Verification). Dura-Line’s experienced supervisors survey the entire route and check critical parameters like duct depth verification, route marker's verification, quality of joint closures and loop lengths, adequate protection casing of the ducts at bridges and culverts, material reconciliation and Fiber link losses etc.

Optic Fiber Cable Installation Services

Dura-Line provides the largest cable-blowing infrastructure in India. With Dura-Line's cable blowing services on your side, you can be sure that your project will never be disrupted or delayed. Dura-Line's state-of-the-art equipments ensure error-free cableblowing at a faster pace providing value for your money.

Dura-Line is the only company in India that offers advanced blowing techniques like:

Cascade Blowing: enabling installation of longer cable lengths (up to 6-8 km) at a time
Twin Cable Blowing: allowing installation of two cables, either simultaneously or can override later, into a single duct