Roadways and Highways

Turnkey Execution of Utility Corridors along Highways

Dura-Line offers conceptualization, designing and Turnkey Execution of Utility corridor along highways. Utility corridors are engineered for the purpose of accommodating telecom, gas, sewer, water, and other utility lines and providing access for their maintenance.

Telecom Network Applications

  • Data Management: creating pathway for data management between and at Toll-Plazas with innovative low cost-high capacity products.
  • Security/Safety along highways: Emergency Telephone connections/Surveillance cameras along the highways.
  • Fiber Leasing to Telecom/ISP Operators: Highway and roadway companies can build dark-fiber network or ducted network for leasing out to telecom companies. The option is between leasing individual empty ducts to operators or to lease out dark fibers.

Suggested Products:

TornadoPlus Duct, Dura-GuardTM, Flat or round FuturePathTM, MicroDucts

Power Network

  • Protective casing of street lighting cable – pole to pole application: Dura-Line innovative products help in designing an easy-to-maintain street lighting network. Instead of burying the street lighting cable directly, it is installed inside the Dura-Guard duct. The advantages are:
    • Easy laying of cable upon completion of civil work
    • Easy to maintain as cables are free to move inside the duct
    • Easy to upgrade/replace cables
  • Protective casing application of power cables crossing the highways – an excellent and cost effective alternative to GI, RCC, and PVC pipes
  • Protection of power cables along Bridges and culverts

Suggested Products:

Dura-Guard, Dura•Bend