Legacy Companies

In April 2007, private equity firm Audax Group purchased ARNCO Corp. and Dura-Line Corp., both leading manufacturers of (HDPE) conduit, pipe, and conduit products and accessories. This merger and acquisition led to the creation of A-D Technologies, a holding company that includes ARNCO and Dura-Line.


In 1971, Dura-Line was founded in Middlesboro, Ky., as a producer of plastic pipe for the potable water market. Ten years later, Dura-Line became the first manufacturer to develop an innovative conduit for the installation and protection of fiber optic cables, Silicore ™.  Dura-Line grew rapidly both domestically and internationally in the mid-1990s thru the 2000s to meet growing market demand, serving customers in over 50 countries with innovative products primarily for telecommunications applications.

arnco In 1972, ARNCO Corp. began as ARNCO Flasher Equipment Company in Youngstown, Ohio, renting traffic barricades to utility companies. Several years later, in 1976, ARNCO expanded its product offering with the introduction of chemicals and equipment for utility installations. In 1985 Bob Smith purchased ARNCO and relocated the manufacturing facility and headquarters to Westlake, Ohio. Two years later, ARNCO moved its manufacturing facility and headquarters to Elyria, Ohio, and began manufacturing conduit.  The business grew rapidly in the 1990’s adding facilities in the US and Mexico and expanded into the power utility market in the 2000’s with its cable-in-conduit products.

Gulf Island Pipe, a distributor in Tampa Florida, expanded into manufacturing HDPE conduit by forming Ameriduct in 1998.  Ameriduct grew rapidly during the 1990 internet expansion and was later sold to Lamson and Sessions and subsequently to Thomas and Betts. Founders of Ameriduct concurrently created a new company, Boreflex in 2005 and later purchased the former Ameriduct business from Thomas and Betts in 2009.  Boreflex was acquired by A-D Technologies in 2011.