Highway Traffic Management Services - HTMS (FibreWays)

HTMS Concept

  • A single pathway for Duct Utility Corridor along Highways – median or sideways
  • For – Communication Cables, Water Pipes, Power Cables in Ducts
  • Designed to enable easy branching for future development along highway
  • Multiple Fiber optic ducts with cables  can serve wireless towers, FTTH Networks, Telecom exchanges, Highway Traffic Management requirements

Advantages of HTMS (FibreWays)

  • Duct Utility infrastructure is designed for long term future requirement
  • Multiple fiber optic ducts are deployed for captive requirement - Video Surveillance, Highway Traffic Management  etc. and for leasing to Telecom Operators – innovative revenue stream
  • Avoids digging highways in future
  • Fractional additional cost

HTMS (FibreWays)  Turnkey Solution


  • Toll Management
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Automatic Traffic Classifier and counter (ATCC)
  • Metrological Data System (MDS)
  • Emergency Call Box (ECB) System
  • Radio Message System

HTMS (FibreWays) Application Map

HTMS (FibreWays) Elements

VMS Architecture

CCTV Architecture

ATCC Architecture

Dura-Line Scope –HTMS (FibreWays)

  • Trenching, Duct Laying, Fiber Optic Cable Blowing, Splicing, Connecting at head-end and devices, Termination, Testing etc,
  • Deployment and Integration of all HTMS Components (as per the network design)
  • Supply of Ducts, Fiber Optic Cable, FMS, Patch Cords, etc