Airports and Ports

Telecom and Power Networks

Dura-Line’s innovative range of products can be used at airports & ports for following applications:

Telecom Network

  • Designing of telecom network for Air Traffic Control Communications
  • Security/Safety along runways: Emergency Telephone connections/Surveillance cameras along the runways
  • In-Building Telecom networks for datacom, CATV, DBS, radio communications, computerized CCTV, Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Management, Command and Control Systems and Tele-Management Systems for airports and seaports.

Suggested Products:

TornadoPlus Duct, Dura-GuardTM, Flat or round FuturePathTM, MicroDucts

Power Network

Protective casing of street lighting cable – pole to pole application: Duraline innovative products help in designing an easy-to-maintain street lighting network along runways. Instead of burying it directly, the street lighting cable is installed inside the Dura-Guard duct. The advantages are:

  • Easy laying of cable upon completion of civil work
  • Easy to maintain as cables are free to move inside the duct
  • Easy to upgrade/replace cables
  • Protective casing application of power cables crossing the runways – an excellent and cost effective alternative to GI, RCC, and PVC pipes

Protection of power cables along runways

  • Designing for In-building Electrical conduits for wires
  • HV and LV Power cable distribution inside the Airport Campus

Suggested Products:

Dura-Trac and HDPE fluid pipes

Dura-Line can also take up Annual Operation and Maintenance contracts for such projects