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Aerial Drop Duct

Duraline offers unique cost effective total solution for Drop O.F. cables for FTTH network distribution in Aerial environment. Black Ruggedized Double Sheathed Single MicroDuct is fully UV and thermal stabilized for use in outdoor aerial exposed applications. Provides great flexibility for maintenance and future expansion besides added protection to Aerial Network.
  • Easy installation on city poles with max span of 30 meters.
  • Fully dielectric, non metallic with simple wide range of accessories for all weather conditions
  • Climatic ageing test according to NF EN C-20-540 standard 
  • Corrosion test according to NF EN 60068-2-52 
  • Mechanical test according to France Telecom FT RandD/7890 
  • Vibration test according to France Telecom FT RandD/7890 dated July 2003 and NF EN 50289-3-13 dated August 2003
  • UV resistance, outdoor application, service life approx.25 years   
Product Recommendations
  • Dura-Line FuturePath is designed and customized to suit specific customer needs and application requirements for rolling out Innovative and Future Proof Fiber Networks along Long Haul/Highways/Backbone, Metro/City rings, Access/Last Mile, Enterprise and In-Building.
  • Dura-Line FuturePath range is metal free, Dielectric in nature to provide resistance to lightening and avoid any sort of EMI effect or interference with neighbouring networks.
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